Frequently Asked Questions

Why buying my trip on Luna Roja Travel?

We are Argentine and we are experts in our country. We have worked many years in different areas of tourism. We travel throughout Argentina and we can guarantee that we will organize the trip to your needs.

There is great ignorance and uncertainty when a foreigner thinks about a trip to South America. We know how to help you in order to those doubts not being a limitation. You can organize a spectacular trip to one of the countries with the greatest culture and landscapes diversity.

We want to make you feel at home at all times. We are here to give you our advice and experience.

From North to South, Argentina extends over 3,700 kilometers and there are many ways to travel it.

We know which places you can visit and the things you can experience there. Where to stay, eat or walk.

Why travelling to Argentina?

Argentina has some of the most wonderful scenery in the world and fortunately most attractions are still in their original form, without tourist exploitation that can disturb nature.

We have one of the seven natural wonders: the famous Iguazu Falls.

You can find throughout the country a variety of cultures, landscapes and climates that will make you wonder too.

How can I book a trip?

There are two ways to book through Luna Roja Travel:

You can choose one of the packages published on this website, select it and we will respond immediately, or you can send us an email or WhatsApp message requesting the quotation of a special itinerary that fits your desires.

In this second case, we offer the shipment of the suggested detailed program with a previous payment of USD 50 / EUR 50 that will be taken as an advance on the purchase you make.

How can I pay my reservations?

From abroad:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal

From Argentina:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash
What is the best season to travel to Argentina?

Argentina’s climate is as diverse as the country. The wide distance from North to South and the different altitudes that go from the oceanic coast to the incredible Andes mountains cause very diverse climates. For this reason, at any time of the year there are activities to be experienced throughout our country, even within the same region.


A common feature of all regions of the country is that temperatures here are the opposite of the northern hemisphere. Our winter months are June, July and August and summer occurs in December, January and February.


In the Mesopotamia, region where the Iguazu Falls are located, the climate is tropical and humid. In the Argentine Northwest region the climate is dry and warm with a marked temperature difference between winter and summer. Both regions are suitable to be visited throughout the year without major differences in their attractions. The mountain area of ​​Cuyo and Patagonia, due to the Andes mountain range and winter snows, are ideal for skiing. In summer, Patagonia offers its natural surroundings, lakes, rivers, glaciers and forests while Cuyo is a mecca for those who like sports activities and good wine.